Aug. Schwan company - company history

Although Schwan strives for constant optimization, it is important to value and respect the path that lead to the status quo. With nearly 140 years history, Schwan goes back to the beginning of the second industrialization.

Flexibility and constant improvement coin the company history. The business unit lamination is of course not that old. Nevertheless, there are more than 40 years to look back.

Experience and Quality for 140 years

Our company was founded in 1889 as a supplier for the textile industry. Soon Schwan became a mayor producer of conveyor belts, a quite relevant engine part in the early 20th century. The old factory in Aachen, Germany was completely destroyed in WWII. The grandfather of the current CEO re-established the plant after the war in Süchteln Germany, close to the Dutch border.

Between 1970 and 1980 close contacts to Japan enabled a sales cooperation for operating resources like Flange Rings and Travellers for the textile industry.

Because of this cooperation and the specialization in this niche, Schwan found access to the comparable specialized lamination industry. The upraising market gave Schwan the opportunity to grow into the new industry and to adjust its portfolio to the changing demand.


Plates and Pads - Made in Germany

Parallel to this development, Schwan established a second business unit with personal protection equipment. Schwan focused again on a special market segment and positioned itself as a high quality supplier for protection gloves. Gloves and PSE are still very important business unit, maintain to be mainstay of Schwan.

Soon, Schwan became an integral part of the evolving card industry as a well-known supplier for press plates and press pads. Both are equally involved, when it comes to card lamination. Pressure and heat merge the different layers of the card together. The process differs depending on the used laminator, material and the properties of the final card. In addition, the size of each pad or plate must be adjusted to the laminator.

Because of that, Schwan started the new millennium with an own production plant. This big step enabled Schwan to adapt pads and plates significant faster to the customers needs. Based on the gained experiences, Schwan started subsequently own product lines for the different applications. The result is the current program here on the website.

Reliable, smooth and solid - we stand for quality made in Germany!
 Richard Grefkes - Geschäftsführer der Aug Schwan
„We are coined by KAIZEN! Even if you are already good, strive to get a little bit better through every little task you accomplish. I am proud to continue the business of three generations of my family, but maintain open for new ideas.“
Richard Grefkes, CEO