PVC, Inlays & Overlays

The laminator is nothing without laminates - You are right on the spot if you're looking for the matching raw materials for your lamination process. We offer a wide range of inlays for RFID data exchange, as well as inlays for chip readers. Our selection of pvc-overlay sheets includes various thicknesses and colors to complete your laminate.

This list of products is not complete, and all presented items can be customized as well. Feel free to browse through our selection and get in touch with us. If you have any questions about the products or are interested in a quote, please feel free to use our contact form.

PVC Coated Overlay Film

The PVC coated overlay film features excellent peeling strength, no color change and deformation. It is suitable for laminating with most PVC sheets printed by varius printers.

Dual Interface Inlay Sheets - Coil on Module (CoM)

These Inlay Sheets combine a smart card chip with a RFID-Tag. Coil on Module Sheets contain the longest antenna and therefore the best reception for contactless applications. The wire is applied on top of the inlay sheet.

Dual Interface Inlay - Pick Line

These Inlay Sheets combine a smart card chip with a RFID-Tag. "Pick Line" refers to the production process in which you could use this kind of inlay sheet. This Inlay Sheet offers a solid cost/benefit ratio. The wire is embedded to the card!

Dual Interface Inlay- ZigZag

These Inlay Sheets combine a smart card chip with a RFID-Tag. The wire is embedded to the card.

HF Inlay Sheets

LF Inlay Sheets

UHF Inlay Sheets

PVC Uncoated Overlay Film

The uncoated PVC overlay film features scratch resistance, better laminability, high transparency and high surface energy, and is very compatible with adhesive. It is used as a protective layer for the finished cards and prevents the cards from fading or deforming.

Combi Inlay Sheet

PVC Core Sheet

The PVC Core Sheet is an ideal and cost-effective material for producing high-quality cards. Features high-impact strength and the smooth matte surface is ideal for graphics, printing and laminating.

Recycled PVC Core Sheet

The rPVC Core Sheet is a high quality sustainable PVC film for cards. The recycled card PVC film can be used for secure and non-secure card industry which is certified by the third party. Ranges of recycled content are available, with up to 100% Recycled PVC.