Lamination Plates

A high quality lamination plate is characterized by a spotless surface. Every scratch, dent or stripe lowers the achievable quality of the cards. At Schwan we are able to finish both sides of the lamination plate with a defined, consistent Roughness Value (RA) and brightness level. A high quality plate contains a steady heat conductivity and heat distribution.

Stainless Steel Plate Card Production

These press plates are the flagship product in the Schwan program, used in many production plants around the world. These plates are mostly used for plastic card production, for example smart cards and bank cards. Other applications are PCB, CCL etc.

For these plates, we select only defect-free surfaces in order to guarantee high-quality output. Furthermore, we approve the flatness of the plates. Every plate is produced on demand, according to the specific requirements of the lamination process. Size, finish and special treatments like positioning holes are hand customized here in Viersen Germany.
  • Master Sheet Finish: High Glossy - Both sides of the plates have the same finish and degree of brightness.
  • Available Thickness: 0.8 mm | 1 mm

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Technical details

  • Material: Stainless Steel card conform.
  • Roughness (RA) < 0,03 µ.
  • Core Hardness approx. 160 HV (Hardness in Vickers).

In contrast to competitor alternatives, our standard stainless steel is not polished. The glossy finish remains from the outstanding production. Additional polishing is not necessary, it would even more effect the smoothness of the plates negatively. Plates with scratches, stripes and dents will be rejected during the inspection and won't be used!

These plates are used as separator sheets in the lamination cassette. They have direct contact to the laminates. The surface of the press plates will be copied to the laminates 100%.