Lamination Plates

A high quality plate is characterized by a spotless surface. Every scratch, dent or stripe lowers the achievable quality of the cards. At Schwan we are able to finish both sides of the plate with a defined, consistent Roughness Value (RA) and brightness level. A high quality plate contains a steady heat conductivity and heat distribution.

Steel Plate PCB

The PCB Plates are specially designed for the lamination of printed circuit board like CCL, MLB or FPC. Therefore, the plates must withstand significant higher press force and temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. In addition, the press cycles are longer in compare to the card production. The plates are made of stainless steel. We are able to deliver these plates in different types of steel. SUS 630 or SUS 301. In addition, different production treatments result in several plate variations with different properties.

For these plates, we select only defect-free surfaces in order to guarantee high-quality output. Furthermore, we approve the flatness of the plates. Every plate is produced on demand, according to the specific requirements of the lamination process. Size, finish and special treatments like positioning holes are hand customized here in Viersen Germany.
  • Master Sheet Finish: Polished - Both sides of the plates have the same finish and degree of brightness.
  • Available Thickness: 0.8, 1.6. and 2 mm

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Technical details (Range minimum to maximum)

  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS 630 or SUS 301
  • Core hardness: 200 - 1,300 HV (Hardness in Vickers)
  • Grinding Roughness (RA): 0.05 - 0.45 µ
  • Thermal expansion rate (0-200 °C^10-6/°C): 11-12 or 15-17
  • Heat Conductivity (0-200°CW/m.K):23 or 21